Friday, 6 December 2019

Intersting but just lacked something

The Co-op's Got Bananas: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Post-War North
This book was nostalgic but lacked something.

Interesting story and interesting to learn about the author wife Margaret Forster  and was  lucky and privileged to go to university when his peers were destined for factories become apprentices or national service. 

I found the education part interesting and how universities have come on - especially Durham which is one of the elite universities.

I was brought up in the late 60s and could relate to the Scottish relatives and how damaged some were in my experience through hardship and two wars.

I felt once Hunter left home his family did not appear to have any bearing and maybe that was meant it is hard to identify.

I found the author interesting and will read another of his books. Sadly this lacked something.

Friday, 22 November 2019


The Adventures of Vince the Cat: Vince Discovers the Golden Triangle (Catnap Stories, #2)

I was asked by to review this book.

Beautiful, a great adventure, culture beautiful Seville and the chance for kids to learn a little bit of Spanish along the way.

Vince is the hero rescuing a cat just a beautiful fun book. Loved it.


The Modern Marcus: Stoic Meditations for the 21st Century

I was asked by to review this book I was not quite sure of what this book was about at first. 

lots to think about and food for thought - this is really essentially for those who struggled with the writing of Marcus Aurelius books of meditations. 

This book gives the reader an staring block into the philosophy of stoicism and was surprisingly for me a good read


work is shit this is not

I was asked to review this for

Working in an office, feeling like I been round the block so many times and hearing new management terms that did not work before and probably wont work again I just loved these and thinking will have this in the office in 2020 to start the mad year off.

I do human factor training and loved the " what does success look like" reply "going home early"

How many times have you been for some dreadful interviews and wished you had said some of these things - the "working from home" when you know someone is just watching trash day time tv.

A great stocking filler great for office joke of the week and sometimes just to realise life is short but the work family are a big part of life.

Recommended I chucked my way through this.

Thursday, 14 November 2019


The Boy Who Couldn't

I was asked to review by Love

Written for young adults but will appeal to adults readers also.

The author tells the story of two differing boys and what brings them together, they both have a interest in habitats and badgers habiting in a wood near to where they live.  It shows how friendship is importance regardless of status or where they have come from.

I found myself in the treehouse whilst the boys looked onto the badgers and the illustrations added this beautifully drawn.

The author writes well and has a great understanding of nature and the natural world, and I literally could not put the book down and boy was there an ending.

moralistic which again will apply to both young adults  and grown ups.

Recommended read.

Friday, 8 November 2019


Jog On: How Running Saved My Life

I was asked to review this  book by Nudge books 

This books encompasses the authors issues with life events, mental heath and a disbelief in herself.

Just how many people are probably glued to their sofas watching dreadful tv and thinking there is no way I can get up and do anything let alone exercise. This author got off her sofa and with baby steps started to go running. Sometimes this is all we need to get on with life and focus on exercise and fresh air rather than sitting around. For some people they cannot see the wood from the trees.

This book and the author are an inspiration to me and brought humour into this as well - I found myself chuckling along and then feeling quite emotional at the sametime.The author was hugerly honest so respect for this lady.

The author writes well, enclosed a good reference guide and the key to all of this nobody is looking at you so find something and do it.

I am off to swim that is my oulet I am not good but i keep going.

really liked

Tuesday, 29 October 2019



I was asked to review this book by

This is a beautiful book the author has created such a detailed account of relationships and beautiful Sardinia.

A beautiful story interesting plot with lovely characters in love in 19th Century Sardinia.

This would be a great sunbed read or like today sitting by the fire warmed by some hot chocolate 

Cannot believe I have never come across this author before - I am now seeking her out.