Monday, 27 June 2016

A great new Detective - Nick Lowry

Blackwater (DI Nick Lowry, #1)

I was really excited to read this new thriller by James Henry – the first Di Nick Lowry set in the 1980s.

I was asked to review this by Real Readers.

The author wrote three prequels of the late RD Wingfield character – Inspector Jack Frost and wrote really well.

In the first of this series there is no comparison to Jack with Lowry. Set brilliantly in the 1980s. Although only 30 years ago or so it is a different time and the police procedures were carried out in a different way. There are elements of sexist behaviour – amazing how far we have progressed when this appeared to be the norm.

Set in Colchester in Essex just after the Falklands war – the author sets the scene well and those around in the 80s will find this familiar.

Waiting in the wings is Nick Lowry with a difficult marriage two colleagues WPC Jane Gabriel and DC Dan Kenton and an eerie foggy night on the mudflaps. He has the death of a soldier from the local barracks, the discovery of a headless corpse on Mersea Island and the murder of two men in a house in Colchester. –this really sets the scene for a good thriller.

I could not put this book down and read thundering on to the end.  Interestingly the author has left one stand loose for what I hope is another novel.

Is there room for another detective – the answer is a resounding yes.

Due for publication 14th July 2016 –just in time for the holiday reads.

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