Thursday, 21 July 2016

A must read this year

A Boy Made of Blocks

A simply beautiful story of a father and autistic son who manage to unite through the modern world of computer gaming. The father’s marriage has broken down the strains of having a challenging child who is in a world he cannot understand or reach properly. it is both happy and sad at the same time – you will shed a tear but you will also be heard laughing out loud too.

The reader is on a journey too so this really becomes part of the reader too. Beautifully written and with expertise - the author was inspired to write this following his own experiences. Rather than have written a true life account of his experience I felt this was even more powerful as it will reach a larger reader audience.

During this journey can the family pull together and be a complete family despite the problems and past issues which are explored.?

Sadly readers this is not due for publication till September, I only wish this was published now as it would be a great holiday read. This will go straight into the top ten. Cannot recommend enough.

Thank you Sphere publishers for allowing me the privilege of reading this.

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