Thursday, 21 July 2016

Patients will gain a greater understanding of Fibromyalgia


This book is written by a doctor in the states for patients and carers understand a difficult and complex condition fibromyalgia. The book is easy to read and tells the reader at the preface what fibromyalgia actually is so the lay person understands straight way and then can read through the book gaining understanding of the history through to treatments and coping strategies.


Although this is written for the patient and carer this book is relevant to all clinical staff looking after the patient and carers. The author makes no apologies for using medical terms in this book so for the patient there is an excellent glossary which is easy to read. For the clinical teams it is relevant in the terminology and excellent up to date referencing at the back with useful further reading for all readers.
The astounding fact that 10 million Americans suffer from the condition (no indication of UK or worldwide – if the data is available) highlights the need for a user friendly well research guide for patients and carers.  

Strengths and weaknesses:

Quite often in text book medications are related to only pharmaceutical giving the patient no choice but the author explores both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments which the patient and clinical teams will find useful in relation to treatment pathways.

The book explores pain management in which pain specialists will also fond useful in treating their patients.

The author takes a very complex condition (as he has done in previous of his books) and makes sense and give the patient expert guidance and understanding. The author has a great gift in being able to impart his knowledge in a way lay persons can gain greater understanding.

Potential Readers:

All staff involved in treating patients with this condition including pain management nurses and doctors. For staff who have little understanding of this subject, they will gain clear understanding without finding the writing heavy or too jargonistic.

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