Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Simply wonderful

Hillstation: A story of true love, sacrifice, causality... and luck by [Mukherjee, Robin]

I was asked to review this debut novel for Real Readers.

The author has written for film and TV before but what a great debut novel. If I had walked into a book store or airport I certainly would have been intrigued by this book.

The author writes so well and the characters just spill off the page with life and joy. Set in a little Indian village, customs and life have remained the same for a great many years. Things just chug along and to describe this the reader would think this is pretty mundane but not so the author has written his characters well. There are always those who want a different life and out of the blue a bus comes in with a  trio of English dancers and their crew -the gods have listened to them. 

Are these dancer what they seem and will those who want a different life - will they get what they wanted. Full of humour and such a different type of story.

I loved this book and hope the author writes more. Due for publication today. 

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