Saturday, 5 November 2016

Interesting Alternative

Hypnobirthing: The breakthrough approach to safer, easier, comfortable birthing by [Mongan, Marie]


Woman who can embrace child birth through HynoBirthing gives the parents control and interact with the child in the womb.
This book explores how the woman’s body in birthing works, an interesting exploration into why medical labour can be more painful.


This is an informative and easy to read book for the mother and birthing partner. The author gives the woman the permission to look elsewhere to the alternative. The author explores positive thinking and gives a whole outlook on well being. HypnoBirthing claims to help shorten birthing and the time to recover after. The reader is unaware if the author was a midwife but she does describe thirty or so years ago when she began “delivering babies”. So the author appears to have had a wealth of experience and claims to have given birth to her four children using this method.

List strengths and weaknesses:

The book is informative and gives as different slant on how mum is with her approach to child birth and with all aspects of life less stress and positively goes a long way. This is a practical approach which has a place, but alongside medical care and to be aware if compilations occur that a medical delivery team will take over. The author acknowledges healthy women with healthy babies can give birth out side of the emergency setting and birthing units within a hospital are best placed.

I found no weaknesses, this was well researched and the author has a wealth of knowledge including being the founder of the HypnoBirthing programme

 This book is written for women living in the States but is equally as apt for women in the UK.

Potential Readers: All Midwives and Obstetricians. Midwives working in the community helping mum and birthing partner with their birthing plan and birthing centre staff.

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