Friday, 4 November 2016

Oh my goodness

Raffle Ticket by Daniel Kelley

I was asked to review this by

Interesting book. Thought provoking just what would you do?

Four winners of the town raffle are offered an additional prize by the weird new raffle draw . The extra prize, if the winner chooses not to use it, can be given to someone else they know who might be in more need. The three winners decided to take the bonus prize. The other one gave it to their best friend. The bonus prize gives each winner a chance to go back to any day in the past they wanted to change.

This book really makes you think about regrets, longing, things you may have done wrong - oh my goodness a moralistic roller coaster.

Wow gosh this made me think and I expect readers too will go through so many emotions and what ifs. Made me think life is short and you get one stab at life.


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