Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Willpower - it is in all of us


This book is about getting what you want by having the will power to do so. People often think they do not have willpower therefore it is clever people who gain more from this world. The reader too can be clever and have willpower too; this can be learnt by mastering willpower by following this book.


This book is set out well and is easy to read. just by picking up the book it gives the reader permission to know they can do this too, it is within their gift and the reader can see progress in as little as three week. This book can be for both professional and personal use.
the book is well set out with easy to read chapters with well researched theory, practical tests for the reader, advice on diet and alcohol intake (easy to reach for the glass of wine on a work night- no willpower needed there but the proof in the pudding is less harm to one’s health.

Strengths and weaknesses:

The author is an acclaimed psychologist writing other books such as Confidence at Work: Get It, Feel It, Keep It. This book has been used by paralympians, athletes and surprising teenagers with addiction.  The book explores theories alongside coaching tips, with interviews with athletes and business people. There is no miracle cure, the reader needs to work at it, but it is about organizing, planning and being positive. For staff working in the healthcare setting, the chapter with a great deal of practical advice was the final section on 'willpower at work'. All too often we find obstacles in the way if it everyday challenges or organizational changes.

The table on page 122 was particularly useful Table 5.2 the caring versus the blaming culture – there still can be a blame culture in organisations. It is about culture, feedback and support from leaders.

This teaches the reader to change habits- carry on as you always did and things will still be the same or adopt good habits and move in the right direction. We all get into a rut and cannot always see the wood from the trees. We need to move on and be positive in our outlook.

There is no over night cure but the reader has the tools to make this happen.  “A new behaviour takes three weeks to form plus another nine to become a habit”.

Potential Readers:

All healthcare staff no one is exempt we all need this to help in out working and personal lives.


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