Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A poweful ending to a great trilogy

Henry - Book Three of the Tudor Trilogy

I was asked to read this by the author and really glad I did. This is the end to the trilogy and bring this to a spectacular end.

Although I love history I did not know a great deal about Henry V11. The author has carried out his research so well and attention to detail throughout this book. The story is cleverly told by the leading character.

Some historical books can be really heavy to read and the reader struggles with facts and accounts, but this author writes so well and makes it an easy read for the reader.

At the end of the Wars of the Roses- Henry defeated Richard III at Bosworth and then married Elizabeth of York- the story continues on dealing with being king - and the troubles that went with that part of history. The author brought Henry to life and I found I wanted to know more.

Well recommended and an author I want to read more from.

Thank you for letting me review your work Tony.

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