Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Christmas treats from Five great authors

Christmas Recipes From Five of Your Favorite Authors by [Kleve, Sharon, Conner, Jennifer, Ford, Angela, Chambers, Jennifer, Medler, Ella]

I checked my emails last night and there was an mail from Sharon Kleve asking if I would review this amazing Christmas recipe book from five really great authors. These authors are not chefs but novelists so this really was exciting for me and as the days get colder we start to plan Christmas.

These are really different recipes - I find myself groaning when the cookery magazines come out at Christmas- I hear myself shouting there are only so many ways to cook sprouts, it is only a Sunday roast we have seen it all before- in this you haven't

I would recommend this as a gift, stocking filler or to treat yourself reader this Christmas.

There are recipes for everyone here -vegan, gluten free etc.

All kept jumping out at me all kept telling me new slant on Christmas all were from the authors own recipes.

A great alternative to the predictable turkey Pork roulade easy to make and sounds yummy, I always make pickles and keep for the festive period, here there was Garlic dill pickles sounds great with cold cuts and left over turkey. We normally have Christmas morning smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - here is difference frittata.

How about reindeer kisses drink- wow marshmallow infused vodka to name one of the ingredients.

instead of buying snacks that are processed and expensive - check out spicy cashews easy to make in advance and store in a tin easy peasy.

the book is jam packed with different recipes that will wow your family and friends.

This is a must for a great book gift this Christmas. Love it.

Thank you Sharon Kleve for the email and giving me the chance to review, give me great different Christmas recipes to wow the family and a great gift ideas.

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