Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Good for fans of middle earth

Wings Unseen

I was asked to review this by Meercat

This is a YA fantasy book. I was intrigued by the cover of the book - mystifying.

An area which has been in the throws of war for a long time- fans of Tolkien will enjoy this - there is magic, mystery, creatures and fantasy thrown into the mix.

Some reviews have stated this is a difficult book to get into, or they did not like the characters . I enjoyed both as with all fantasy books, the reader needs to shut themselves off from real life and enjoy the story and the writing.

There are three main characters to this story -Janto a prince, Janto finance Serra - trying to face her past and demons within her, and Vesperi -who is a challenging character both dangerous but brave too.

It is moralistic with good versus evil. Definitely a quest and adventure with some humour thrown into the mix.

If you enjoy the television series Game of Thrones - you will enjoy this.

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