Sunday, 10 December 2017


The Man Who Wouldn't Stand Up

I was asked to review this book by

The author has sent me other books which I will read and spend 2018 reviewing.

This is satire and good satire it is thought provoking and makes the reader think why we sometimes do things is it because society and our peers expects this or do we do certain things as personal choice.

The book is set around basically just that a chap who wants to do what he wants - his plants. Life is never what we expect - although I plan something just turns your world the other way.

It was funny and sad , but it does put life into perspective - again personally getting tied up in knots worrying does no good.

For the main character just deciding to sit when the American national anthem is played he gets more than he bargained for- the media whips this to a frenzy and he is forced to go on the run. Has he done something wrong? what would you do? can the media get things out of perspective?

Really entertaining - Thank you Jacob for letting me review this and giving me a batch of books for 2018.

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