Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Atmospheric the darker side of Victorian middle class

The Pharmacist's Wife

I was asked to review this by Lovereading.co.uk

Coming from Edinburgh - the fact this is set in Victorian Edinburgh Not only can I imagine the scenes, but it is an apt place to set this historical fiction story. When I walk in the dark streets I can sense the atmosphere of that time.

This has is addiction, Heroin (deadly in the wrong hands) female empowerment and male domination at a time if women had problems it was probably "hysteria" apparently in 1859 one physician (male) stated one quarter of women suffered from hysteria!!

Alexander opens a pharmacy in Edinburgh and claims that his wife will be cured with heroin - but this opens Pandora box and fighting to leave this man. This is a difficult time as woman had no rights and money was owned by the man.

This is a dark story, interesting as today we are a gasp at abusive men and what men will do for science and their own gains. it is about sexual obsession and vengeance

Well written and well researched by the author of The Looking Glass.

This is due for publication April 5th 2018. This will be up there in the top ten.

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