Friday, 16 February 2018

fun, mystery and romance

Apple Pie to Die For

I am always pleased when an email drops into my mail box from Sharon Kleve. I always know I am in for a fun and romantic well written read.

This time its a fun mystery story- only just over 100 pages - great to read in afternoon.

Marjorie who runs a bakery famous for her apple pies is portrayed as sweet as her apples- but there is more to this there is a secret - we all love secrets - readers will have to read the story to find out.

She starts to go out with a guy called Anderson who is a medical examiner - interesting to find out how this relationship pans out if there is another book in the series.

There is espionage, jealousy, all sorts of goings on, romance and a secret all in the pie mix.

A really enjoyable book. Thank you Sharon for asking me to review.

Cannot wait for the next book, by a great author.

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