Friday, 9 February 2018


What an apt book for me to review, I was asked to review by Nudge Readers.

This was so needed - I am always chasing my tail- perhaps I am trying to full time work part time) that's another story)

How do I spend my time? jumping from one aspect to another - which can be quite normal I am a Quality Governance Manager in a very busy NHS.

Reading this book has made me think just how I do spend my time, how do I do busy ( martyr me, I am the only one here late at night (well I am in my team) other leave on time etc etc. my bucket is always over flowing.

I have always wanted to meditate - but when have I got time to meditate I eat lunch at my desk- but I do have time for my home emails etc ( I freelance too)

There are so many practice sections and I have found them invaluable - sorting out my mind, being positive, don't buy into worries such as losing your job- readers you may become more ineffective.

I did like the section What a Superhero am I ? this was me to a T at work - in the end all that happens is I get more stressed - part of this is identifying and doing something about it.

This is well written, well researched there is a good section for further reading and useful resources for support.

light hearted, practical so give this a go take the time and become calm and composed.

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