Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Totally inspiring

The Tour According to G: My Journey to the Yellow Jersey I was thrilled to be asked to review this book by Nudge.

Something extraordinary happened on the "Tour" last summer which cycling fans will never forget and that was Geraint Thomas -yellow jersey and winning the 2018 Tour De France with Team Sky. We expected this would be another year for Froome , but as the Tour progressed it was will he wont he- it was feat alone to win a stage and yellow jersey but from then on we were on the edge of our seats.

Just who is this great rider, I knew a little of his Olympic accomplishments and being what you would call the Team leader of the Tour's right hand man (or domestique), but that for me was basically it.

This book is all about luck, tremendous talent and how Geraint came to win the 2018 Tour De France. It has elements of humour, shows that nice guys can win, tells the story of the tour from a different angle- from his wife, team Sky Dave Brailsford his Principle of Team Sky and of course the four times Tour De France champion. Tells the reader about this rider that we all thought last year we could not believe what was happening especially with the controversy with Wiggins and Froome a few years ago and should Wiggins have "let" Froome win.
This is written in a easy style of writing this will inspire anyone who thinks they may have cycling talent to go for it.

A really great read and thank you to Nudge and Quercus books for letting me review.

Friday, 8 February 2019


Pie and Mash Down the Roman Road: 100 years of love and life in one East End market
I have always been fascinated by the East End of London and Pie/eel and mash shops that a particular to that area.

When I was asked by Nudge books to review this I was really pleased to learn about the close knit community, stories and of course world war 2- the Queen mother after  Buckingham palace was bombed famously said "now I can look the East End in the eye" sorry but  this was nothing compared to what the east end faced.

the author has taken the pie and mash shop a road in the East End and woven in history, times that have long since gone, culture and some colourful characters.

The history is interesting, through the poverty and Charles Booth, through the first world war and second world war and effects of being bombed night after night, buildings and streets long gone with people too it is about love and loss, hop picking, the Krays and social changes in the 1950s and 1960s. Putting people in high rise flats took the very soul out of people and a way of life.

the Pie and Mash shop thank fully is still there although has gone through changes it is wonderful that although temporarily closed it is undergoing restorations to its formal glory and get rid of the 1980s fittings. Thankfully we recognise that restoration is important and to keep some of history for future generations.My bucket list contains wanting to visit a pie and mash shop in Bethnal Green so maybe next time I am in London I will pay a visit, and re live this interesting place.