Tuesday, 18 February 2020


Keep It Together: philosophy for everyday emergencies

I was asked to review this book by Nudge Books.

At the time of Storm Dennis I read this book in an afternoon. I have studied philosophy but just one aspect in relation to health care so I found this an easy introduction to philosophers and relates this to our everyday life which makes this a enjoyable and light read.

The author has made me think about everyday life in a new way  and also solutions to problems have been there since time began.

I particularly liked the digital world and being controlled by mobile phones - I have picked mine up numerous times writing this - so what does this say about modern culture today? are we bettering ourselves by being informed - no today as the floods are rife this just irritates and annoys me as I am being informed by the media frenzy- so trying not to be informed at present.

This is a thought provoking book and brings up more questions than answers - but certainly put a perspective on life.

Recommended read.

Thursday, 13 February 2020


I was asked to review by Lovererading.co.uk 

What a political drama, I hear you say with Brexit we have had enough, regardless of whether you actually like politics this is a read you cannot miss in 2020. 

Told by an author who knows whose experience he has worked with Wall Street, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and International Business Machines (IBM). He has also advised on economic and technology projects specific to Afghanistan so he certainly knows his stuff. 

The book is based on the authors experiences, full of twists one minute the reader thinks they have got there, then another twist

expect the unexpected

just published in February 2020 recommended with a capital R.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020


A Blue Forest

I was asked to review by Lovereading.co.uk 

Interesting story set in New Zealand. the characters are well written. This is a story of love, spirituality, intense, unkindness and sheer beauty within this part of the world. 

Beautifully written the reader will be captivated.

An author I now want to seek out.


Nobby's Diary

I was asked by Lovereading,co.uk to review this book.

I am well aware of homeless people in Britain and  donate to Shelter as you can see the plight of homelessness has gone on too long. I have come across book such as a Street Cat Named Bob which concerned homeless people but to be honest I am not sure just how many are out there.

London 35 years ago the newspaper industry is changing and moving out of the famous Fleet Street area. Tradition is ending, but what about the people who relied on the warmth of the buildings at night as the papers rolled of the press - hive of activity and somewhere to call home on those long cold nights.

The story centres around Nobby and old homeless man who has relied on this area with his friends and it was home.

Spencer a boy finds Nobby in his shed and the two become friends next Spencer then introduces Nobby to his friends -as Spencer's father works in the newspaper industry thus begins a plight of the homeless people - this is not just a 21st century problem.

this is about friendship and friendship in unusual circumstances and not writing this man off as a tramp or vagrant and there are aspects that are slightly off the wall - even 35 years go when Spencer is missing from his family for a number of days -with strangers - but saying that it is a powerful piece of writing.

These people know the area and with help they go on to help Nobby write articles in a newspaper.

Powerful story of trust, friendship bonded in unusual circumstances and times where the reader will laugh - a really good read.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Had everyone in stiches

I'm Joking - 500+ Original Jokes for Kids
I was asked to review by Lovereading.co.uk 

Loved this book, so many good jokes some cheesy, some belly aching and some we just smiled or said that was clever.

Subject matter divided up so if looking for a particular subject it was there - and boy what a choice an overdose of cracker and other jokes, Great for the holidays, car journeys or just when you need a laugh

Recommended will have the whole family in stiches.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

fantasy at it's best

The Slug Queen Chronicles: Season One

This is a story about a girl whose mane is cricket - yes unusual but this is fantasy and for I wold recommend 10-12 year old - there are some frightening aspects within this story. This is described as season one and what a start, Cricket is 12 and realises that fairies do actually exist and not a myth- but not in the cute way we think of fairies these are scary fairies ( who the reader learns why they do not take teeth from under children's pillows) after her brother is kidnapped and thus the quest to find the brother.

There are just so many levels to this story, why is there black dust everywhere, what is happening to her parents in the way they appear to be acting?

This is real suspense and a book you simply cannot put down, a great read well written by this author who can really tell a good tale. Cannot wait for season 2 and I am an adult.

wow for 2020

Well what a great start to 2020 the 70s Joy of Sex for today and for the 50s and over.

just how many of us think that sex will never be as great now as when we were younger - the fear we are not good enough now in our older bodies but wow 50 is a great age and why not. This apt for 60 onwards too. We have more life skills and although pre and post menopausal we can still have great( or greater sex)

The chapter getting ready for the ride of your life I thought wow not past it and what a great trip into the 20s.

The author has researched the subject well, using real life case studies and empowering us to realise that the sex we had when we were younger was different.

As we get older we do not have the same embarrassment so sex toys, talking about sex and realising orgasms don't always come naturally is a good thing

I found this shocking - A study of 1200 adults by Durex (2019)  Researchers found nearly three quarters of women in the UK (73 per cent) experience sexual discomfort during intercourse—and 24 per cent ask their partner to hurry up because of pain. Only 57 per cent of the male participants realised this was happening.  We need to talk we need to tell the partner what we feel is good and vice versa.

There is so much good advice, humour is thrown into the mix and a great message it is in everyone's gift. So get out there enjoy sex again ( be safe) you will discover the missing part of the jigsaw.