Wednesday, 20 June 2018

a remarkable story of love and loss

An Orphan’s WarI was asked to review this book by Lovereading

This novel is about love and loss - set in 1940. The main character Maxine trains as a nurse and works in St Thomas Hospital in London which was damaged in the blitz. Rather mills and Boon she falls in love with a surgeon - who is not all he appears to be. She then takes a post with Barnardos and throws herself into helping children whose lives have been changed by the ravages of war.

Well written and would appeal to fans of Nadine Dorries. As you would expect it is hear wrenching but a thoroughly good read and well researched by the author.


Wow this is some debut novel-  this blew me away . I was asked to review for LoveReading.

Mother has died and her son after a few weeks is going through a chocolate box filled with love letters all tied up with knots and one rainy day she unties the knots.

These love letters are during world war 2 - people did not know if they would survive the war, nothing was certain and love blossomed in difficult circumstances.

This was a beautiful book that I too sat on a bleak over cast day and like the son I untied the knots and turned the pagers.

this is a true story this gets better and better - Martin Preston and Nancy Whelan who meet in Oxford in 1937 and fall in love, then the war looms and Martin enlists. They are engaged before he goes.

So many at that time relied on letters to keep their love alive and they never knew if their loved ones would return. 

This is not just a series of letters but the quest for the son to find out what happened to Martin as the son knew of this man due to a photo Nancy kept next to pictures of his father and other family members.

This is so moving and the reader yearns to find out what happened till the very last page. The sad thing is the son finds out what his mother never knew. 

This was such a great read with wonderful writing I just loved reading this

What a privilege to be asked to review this book

Will definitely be in the top ten this summer. Published 14th June 2018.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

What did happen on proms night?

The Remains in the Pond

I was asked to review this by Inspired by Kathy. This is a YA book.

This was an interesting read with a bit of the paranormal thrown in and certainly was an interesting read.  I found myself reading on wanting to know what happened next. Set almost 20 years ago and it feel like this was an age ago and technology was not like it is today.

Something happens on proms night in a little American town, Gabi leaves the town and tries to forget what happened on that fateful night.

What did happen in the pond that night just how much did Gabi know? but she cannot shake this off and return to find. This thunders on till the end when the reader finds out what happened.

A book I could not put down, loved the authors writing - have not read any of her books before so will now seek her out.

Thoroughly recommended.

fluffy good read

Where I Belong (Pine Valley, #2)

I was asked to review this book by Inspired by Kathy - I have been lucky in that I have reviewed this author before.

This is a modern twist on Cinderella, this is the second book in the Pine Valley series.

This gave me a warm glow inside- you have Jane a cleaner, wealthy Cameron who has a dreadful fiancé - called none other than Crystal.

Cameron confides in Jane and talks to her as he is having a hard time.

Then Cameron persuades Jane to attend a charity do - where she loves dressing up - but readers is this just a fairy tale or will the two get together? that is the burning question.

Well written and a fluffy good read.

madam scarlet


I was asked to review by Inspired by Kathy

I love history and loved this new twist on the Scarlet Pimpernel - and a female pimpernel!

Set in the bloodiest of times the French Revolution - interesting how scarlet is trying to keep people away from Madame guillotine risking her head whilst in various disguises.

Then there is Matteo and the relationship between them - the secrets and whether to trust this man- will their relationship blossom - you will have to read on to find out.

Although this is dark times - there still is humour and romance thrown into the mix.

Well written fast paced novel - recommended - I raced to the finish to see what happened in the end.

Friday, 1 June 2018

unput downable

How to Keep a Secret

I was asked by Lovereading to review this book which is due for publication 14th June 2018 - so not long to wait.

I enjoyed this book in the garden, this for the author is slightly unusual as this is a standalone book- just in time for the summer holidays.

Oh my goodness I found myself, laughing, in tears and in wonderment - this story is of three generations of women each has a secret. I found myself getting really immersed in this book and totally forgetting the time.

It is all about relationships being tested, re-emerging and a family coming together.

Boy are these strong characters and so well written and the descriptions of the setting in Martha's Vineyard was beautiful.

It is one of those stories you sigh at the end but the story and characters live with the reader for along time after.

This is my first take on Sarah Morgan and I will hope she continues writing in this style. A recommended sun bed read in 2018 and beyond.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Cute and lovely

The Professional Bridesmaid

I was asked by Sharon Kleve if I would review a friends novella The professional Bridesmaid- again this was an apt time to read and review with Harry and Meaghan  wedding yesterday.

Cute, with bridezillas ( her co workers!!) - Skye is an accountant and has been asked to help them with their weddings. These people are not nice and are clearly using Skye. But along comes a gorgeous limo driver -will anything come of this and will Skye be able to pull off these weddings in the hope she can become a wedding planner.

Gorgeous limo driver nasty workers to get you hackles up but cute and a lovely story.

I will now be seeking out this author