Thursday, 28 July 2016

Beautifully written

This Raging Light

I received this book from The Nudge and New books Reviewers Centre.

I read some good reviews already so was interested to read this.

The author writes beautifully and her writing is so powerful at times i found uncomfortable - this is a dysfunctional family and there are a good few around. There is the flip of the coin too and this can be uplifting too. Even when times are difficult there is hope.

The main character Lucille keeps gong despite her mother disappears, she then has more bad luck which seems so unfair 

There is romance too - when all about everything is falling apart.

A good YA book   

Wow love book reviewing

This makes book reviewing worthwhile 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Simply wonderful

Hillstation: A story of true love, sacrifice, causality... and luck by [Mukherjee, Robin]

I was asked to review this debut novel for Real Readers.

The author has written for film and TV before but what a great debut novel. If I had walked into a book store or airport I certainly would have been intrigued by this book.

The author writes so well and the characters just spill off the page with life and joy. Set in a little Indian village, customs and life have remained the same for a great many years. Things just chug along and to describe this the reader would think this is pretty mundane but not so the author has written his characters well. There are always those who want a different life and out of the blue a bus comes in with a  trio of English dancers and their crew -the gods have listened to them. 

Are these dancer what they seem and will those who want a different life - will they get what they wanted. Full of humour and such a different type of story.

I loved this book and hope the author writes more. Due for publication today. 

Great Thriller

I was asked to review this for Net Galley.

Great psychological thriller well written I was hooked in on page 1. Her plot is good and is fast paced.  The main character  is Kelly Michelle Lund. The book flit back and forward in time between 1980 (when Kelly was 17) and 2010. the reader is informed straight away that she is a murderer serving 20 years in jail. After being released her past comes back to haunt her.

Readers this is a great thriller, well recommended.

Do you ever really know someone?

The Loving Husband

I was asked to review by Net Galley.

A really spooky scary story, with the snow across the fens - the story builds up - you trust your husband - why wouldn't you - Fran did as she moves to a run down farmhouse. Does she really know her husband who is he?

Kept me gripped and there were so many twists and who kills the husband what is going on.

Mixed reviews for this book but I really enjoyed and thank you for allowing me to review this.

Another great book from a great author

Truly Madly Guilty

I was asked to review this via Net Galley.

I have been a fan of this author since I read The Husband's Secret. The author takes a situation and throws the unexpected at it.It is then how we cop/deal with what could be shocking  or life changing .

This book - a BBQ takes place, something dreadful happens to three couples and their children. The characters are well written and there are some unusual ( that's real life)

This throws everyone up in the air, emotions are all over the place and some surprises along the way.

A great sunbed read - just out for publication on the 26th July 2016 - will be a top ten this summer.


The Summer We Believed (Denim Days #1)

I was asked to review by

The cover really pulled me in almost magical as well as the title.

Nothing is ever as planned and that was the case for Melody and Duncan who just want to have fun in the summer before the autumn. But as predicted nothing is never as planned and Duncan's move to Florida. A lovely tale of young love. 

What is in store for next summer - wait and see.

A Good Guide to Change Your Mindset

Unbelievable Me by David W. Lowell

I was really pleased to be asked by to review this book.

First of all you need and want to read this book and be in the mindset or zone.

A really useful guide and tells you how you can actually change your mindset, in a stressful world where your mindset is at whatever is going on at the time. The good aspect is this is research based and it is self discovery no one will wave a magic wand it is up to the reader with help from this guide to do it.

I personally found this a valuable and helpful book.

A great find

The Lynchman's Owl

I was asked to review this by

What a really interesting book- I was a bit unsure about the cover - would I stop and buy at an airport or book store not sure on the strength of the cover. I was really glad I was given the chance to review.

This book really packed a punch rich in twists, turns and surprises along the way and keeps the reader moving fast. The reader thinks they have solved the plot then the reader is whisked in another direction.

I thoroughly recommend  this book.

Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s: 1980s Fads and Fashion…

was asked to review this for

Took me back to my youth shoulder pads and a weird fashion time. Great for adult colouring and such great quality too. First time I have engaged in this.
Seeking out the childhood 70s - cannot wait great fun


Along the Wheel of Time: Sacred Stories for…

I was asked to review this by

A beautiful read. This author has a great talent I loved this story of the wheel of time. This took me away from everyday life. It took me through  short fictional stories illustrating  meaning of each "sabbat" or festival of Pagan worship. This made me think of each season in a different light- all too often we are so busy in this mad life we call the "real world"

The author gives the reader a choice- either devour the book in one sitting or read each story to coincide with each festival or " sabbat" - what a great book to pick up throughout the year.

The book pulls you in, making you feel lovely and cosy inside and takes you to a wonderful world.

This is a book I really urge readers to pick up and read - the way you want to. This was published two years ago in 2014.

Best read one at a time

A Compendium For The Broken Hearted

I was asked to review this book by

An unusual set of stories within one book but definitely planned to be together in this book. For me the stories were good and well written but felt very sad and tired if I read too many. As stand alone stories they were good and quite sad at times.

I probably would not have picked this up had i not been asked but glad I did so.

A really unusual book but more YA

 The Dream Protocol (Descent #1)

I was asked to review this by

At first I was not too sure and whether the book was for me but pages on and what an intriguing tale and what a beautiful illustrated cover - this will intrigue the readers at bookstores and airports.

A true escape to another world with people selling dreams to people and those that are bad get nightmares. Readers it does feel as though you are reading it in a dream. It also has the feeling of a young adult book.

Only published in May but already readers are hungry for more and wanting the sequel.

I am certainly waiting for the next book.

Did not see this one coming

Doctor Gillespie's Discovery

I was asked to review this by

What an unusual find and I struggled to put this book down. Wow and twists and turns I kept twisting and turning myself.

I was intrigued right up to the end. I did not see this book coming nor the author certainly one to look out for 


This author has potential and a bit of fine tuning - a great YA book

Behind every mean girl...There's a tragedy

I was asked to review this book by

An author who can tell a good tale and the author is young with such an interesting back ground. I do think this book needs to be marketed with the young adult in mind as this is the true audience for this story and book.

Rachel the main character has so many problems and is angry with the world- a lot of us can relate to this. The author has nailed the relationship with her mother and again it feel real. You either feel that this character is dreadful or you think understandable. 

There are some grammatical errors but if the publishers look at editing and fine tuning great.

This author has great potential and my blog plans to follow her.

Published May 2015.

A Great Thriller

The Deviants

I was asked to review this book by the author.

What an unexpected find and read what a melting pot of topics it is a dark thriller and horror rolled in to this story.There were so many twists and turns, and strange feelings throughout.

I am amazed I have not come across this author before- writes with such gusto I could not put this down. The characters are well written especially as they have all gone through so much tragedy and trauma.

Readers be prepared for quite an emotional ending to this story of shock,secrets and a great thriller ride.  

Due for publication in October 2016 this will make the christmas top ten so a must for the october holidays or as a great read over Christmas - published by Harper Collins.

The Goodbye Gift

I was asked to review this by 

Wow gripped and super glued from page one - essentially this book is about three best friends-Helen, Phoebe and Julia and intertwined with  the story is  Lucy who is in her early twenties and in desperation  for a heart transplant. 

There is tragedy brings the friends together -the writing is so powerful and compelling with feelings that stretch out to you, these are so real.  

The book comes tumbling down at the end with an twist I was not expecting.

I cannot believe this is the author's sixth book and I am just reading her first. Due for publication in August which will make this a great summer read.

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

A must read this year

A Boy Made of Blocks

A simply beautiful story of a father and autistic son who manage to unite through the modern world of computer gaming. The father’s marriage has broken down the strains of having a challenging child who is in a world he cannot understand or reach properly. it is both happy and sad at the same time – you will shed a tear but you will also be heard laughing out loud too.

The reader is on a journey too so this really becomes part of the reader too. Beautifully written and with expertise - the author was inspired to write this following his own experiences. Rather than have written a true life account of his experience I felt this was even more powerful as it will reach a larger reader audience.

During this journey can the family pull together and be a complete family despite the problems and past issues which are explored.?

Sadly readers this is not due for publication till September, I only wish this was published now as it would be a great holiday read. This will go straight into the top ten. Cannot recommend enough.

Thank you Sphere publishers for allowing me the privilege of reading this.

Patients will gain a greater understanding of Fibromyalgia


This book is written by a doctor in the states for patients and carers understand a difficult and complex condition fibromyalgia. The book is easy to read and tells the reader at the preface what fibromyalgia actually is so the lay person understands straight way and then can read through the book gaining understanding of the history through to treatments and coping strategies.


Although this is written for the patient and carer this book is relevant to all clinical staff looking after the patient and carers. The author makes no apologies for using medical terms in this book so for the patient there is an excellent glossary which is easy to read. For the clinical teams it is relevant in the terminology and excellent up to date referencing at the back with useful further reading for all readers.
The astounding fact that 10 million Americans suffer from the condition (no indication of UK or worldwide – if the data is available) highlights the need for a user friendly well research guide for patients and carers.  

Strengths and weaknesses:

Quite often in text book medications are related to only pharmaceutical giving the patient no choice but the author explores both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments which the patient and clinical teams will find useful in relation to treatment pathways.

The book explores pain management in which pain specialists will also fond useful in treating their patients.

The author takes a very complex condition (as he has done in previous of his books) and makes sense and give the patient expert guidance and understanding. The author has a great gift in being able to impart his knowledge in a way lay persons can gain greater understanding.

Potential Readers:

All staff involved in treating patients with this condition including pain management nurses and doctors. For staff who have little understanding of this subject, they will gain clear understanding without finding the writing heavy or too jargonistic.

Hope for the sufferer

I was asked to review this for the Nursing Times Journal 


This book aids the patient and clinician to give overview of pelvic pain symptoms, causes and treatment options.  For some patients this problem can really be misunderstood and medical knowledge can be lacking from the medical teams. This book gives good clear processes for patients and clinicians to follow.


The book is easy to read, written by experts and educators. The first sentence in the forward gives the patient confidence and reassurance” if you suffer with pelvic pain, you need to read this book” the hand of reassurance is there for the sufferer and partner. It also reassures the reader they are not alone (which sometimes feels like the case)

There are interesting patient stories and their journeys which are interesting and can aid the sufferer. This gives a personal feel to the book without it being too weighty on the medical aspects.

For nursing students who have no experience of this there is good chapters regarding anatomy and contributing factors for great understanding.

This is a well written book on a complex condition.

Strengths and weaknesses:

This book is for the patient so there is not a great deal of references or study aid at the end of each chapter for the practitioner or clinician. Nevertheless there is a good bibliography at the end of the book. The overarching strength for the sufferer is that there is so much hope in this book. Although this is written in the States this book is just as apt for the sufferer and medical teams in the UK. The title extends the arm of help and advice to all involved with this condition, as it is titled “what everyone needs to know”

The authors have helped numerous people with this problem so the reader knows this is based on experience and practice.

Overall I found no weaknesses in this book.

Potential Readers:

The patient, medical and nursing (what ever stage in their career) and medical teams (particularly useful when looking at individual cases)

Another great Omar Zagouri thriller

Slave Queen

I have been lucky to have been asked to review Lost King and Beneath in the past so was excited when asked by Inspired by Kathy to review this novel – Slave Queen.

The author writes so well and the reader is taken into the book and the story.

This is another Omar Zagouri thriller involving Israeli agents Omar and characters Mia, Naim and Leyla, and the Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and slave-turned-queen from the Ottoman Empire from around 1549. 

The author gives historical background but with her own take – which makes the story interesting.

Great plot taking the reader through past and present and at the same time keeping the reader engaged.

Recommended and due for publication next month in August 2016.     

Monday, 4 July 2016

There Once Were Stars

I was asked to review this book by Inspired by Kathy 

This is a young adult dystopian novel which takes place in a time after a virus outbreak around the world. Those  those who survive are living in  dome structures that are apparently indestructible and can live in this infection free bomb proof bubble world.

The character Natalia Greyes's who lives in Dome 1618  and life has been going along more or less ok when she sees two people outside of the dome with no protective clothing or masks- why can they survive ? what is going on?

There is romance thrown into the mix too.

A  really interesting read.

The Complete Revenant Wyrd Saga

The Complete Revenant Wyrd Saga

I was asked to review this by the author

Wow what an adventure the author writes well and his characters are unique and interesting.

This is so interesting and has a Tolkein feel to this too. This was magical and I just got lost and immersed in this fantasy.

Another great book from this great author