Friday, 28 September 2018


Not Quite Christmas

I am always pleased when I get an email from Sharon Kleve to review her books, they are always well written cute and wonderfully romantic. This was no exception.

Never too early for Christmas, which is a magical time.

We all want to be home at Christmas, but there is the travel bit that is involved and this story is just that Adair is leaving the town she was living in and taking up a job in Seattle to be back home with those she loves.

this is not all doom and gloom with traffic problems and cancellations as she meets Easton who is travelling in the same direction and are both affected by the delays and cancellations. They get to know each other and realise there is a spark between them. if this had not happened we would have not met - it does happen.

Beautifully written and as the weather gets colder the reader will snuggle up for an afternoon and immerse themselves in this lovely romance and Christmas as an added bonus.


Thank you as always Sharon Kleve for the email that sets me up for a lovely read.

An adventure awaits

Tovi the Penguin: Goes to Ireland

I was asked by the author to review this cute book- I have previously reviewed a few of the Tovi books.

This just shows St Patricks Day is not about the frothy Dublin beer that St Patrick day appears to be more about and Tovi proves this he travels to the Emerald Isle and even finds a crock of gold  at the end of the rainbow.

The illustrations are lovely as expected for readers already familiar with this author.

Utterly cute and such fun little stories, with an adventure, children will be saying at the end of this where will Tovi go next. This is my question where next.

Original and fun thank you for letting me read and review this.

I will think differently about March 17th in future.

Monday, 17 September 2018


Here and Gone
I was asked to review this book by Nudge.

This thriller will grip the reader from the beginning until its thunderous end.

Audra, and her two children are running away from her abusive husband. after leaving New York she is driving through a remote part of Arizona the police pick her up for something trivial. She is being taken in by the police, and the kids are left with a deputy. This is where it gets scary. At the station they are saying her kids have disappeared and Audra is being blamed. 

This is fast paced, haunting, upsetting, terrifying and creepy. You want this women to get her kids back, and will she- the reader will read on through of this to find out just what the ending will hold for them.

Well written, this author can certainly write a terrifying nightmare story that no one ever wants to experience. Who will believe this woman and will anyone believe her kids were with her when she was arrested?

Thank you to Nudge and Vintage crime for sending me this book to read.


Downhill From Here: Running From John O'Groats to Land's EndI was asked to review this by Nudge

Sport has come into our lives more and more three brits have won great cycling races, we love the London 2012 Olympics and for me more so the Paralympics. Gavin asked the question what would an ordinary runner achieve - and just what did he achieve - a run from John O'Groats to Land's End- the sort of challenge that you see on Sports Relief - and at the start the viewer thinks no, and at the start of this story the reader may say no this cannot be achieved.

Not only was I there in paper form rooting for him, and feeling like I was on this endurance too, but I like the guy a lot too.

The reader goes on the journey too, it was never going to be easy, there would be a lot of pain a long the way, you learn about Gavin the person, Scottish living in London, the author diaries this and there is part travelogue too - which makes this interesting a long the way. We all go through times when we need to discover yourself and this is all part of Gavin's journey. This is an extremely honest account.

I was so rooting for Gavin and found myself getting excited as he nears the end and finally fulfils this challenge.

Although some reviewers state this is great for runners, I would say anyone interested in sport and the reader will learn so much about this challenge and may spur them on to fulfil a challenge of their own be it sport or not.

Well worth the read, thank you to Nudge for letting me review and thank  you to the publishers Sandstone Press for sending this for me to read.

Just found out this is being made into a film also.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Beautifully written

Paris Echo
I was asked to review this by

After reading about "Coco" Chanel and what she did to save her business during occupied Paris, this came at a good time to read this.

I have been a fan of this author for sometime, so when this dropped through my letter box I was excited and now not disappointed. This was a great read.

This is about the past and occupied Paris during the second world war, and the present. This is about people from the past and present.

Tariq leaves is life in Algeria for Paris to find meaning, a dead mother and adventure whilst Hannah an America researcher listens to the accounts of women under occupied Paris during the time of 1940-1944 for a project.

Both Hannah and Tariq are two very different people with different pasts, relationships and problems who come together in an unusual circumstance with the story weaving from past to present. The author has researched the period of occupied France well and accurately accounts what took place during this period of time- as a woman what would you have done to save your life and no one knew just how this period of the war would end.

The main themes within this story Nazi regime as well as the French against the Algerians in the 1960s - Which I was not familiar with but added to this story.

I read this in one sitting only putting the book down at the end with a story that will linger for a long time and a Paris that I want to revisit again.

Thank you Love Reading and the publishers for giving me this opportunity to review.

A great no holds barred read

Death and the Elephant: How Cancer Saved My Life
I was asked to review this book by Nudge. 

Quite an emotional read, but cancer is. We lost my mother in law to cancer 3 years ago. I knew this would be difficult but there was two stands to this story which intertwined. Cancer and gambling bother diseases.

This is a unique well written book. It can be uncomfortable at times but it cannot be that way, but at the same time the reader must read on. This is in your face full on, honest but I urge you to read this.

This is about Raz (Theatre Director) who has non Hodgkin's lymphoma stage 4 - which for readers who do not know what this disease is -Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is an uncommon cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, which is a network of vessels and glands spread throughout your body. 5year survival rate is around 90%. With gambling addition as well not a great combination. Readers experience what is going on in his mind, the highs and the very lows but with a great sense of humour that comes out amidst this dreadful time as you join the "cancer club" as he describes this really graphic account no holds barred. 

The author quotes the sentence most suffers will say "why me" and why not whoever that you may not particularly like, but then the author turns this around to "Why not me" and why he wanted to share this journey with the reader.

Will he find the right place to be in his life - reader please take time to read this.

Thank you Nudge and the author for letting me review this remarkable book.