Monday, 27 June 2016

Creepy and dark

A psychological thriller – dark and set in Cornwall. I was asked to review this by Net Galley.

This is the first book I have read by this author and wow does she write a good story.

Rachel has a wonderful family and wealthy husband and looks like she has it is all until …

This is creepy and the stepson appears to be haunted by his dead mother. Secrets – what happened to his mother how did she die lots of questions to answer, as the book thunders along.

A great scary read by a great author who kept me on the edge of my seat.

A really great read for kids ( and to be enjoyed by adults too)

Airplane School First Adventure to Canada by Sam Menard

I was asked to review this book by

The author was inspired as inspired by his experience of living in Dubai for two and a half years with his family to write the story about Airplane School. His kids had an amazing time making friends from around the world and in his words thought this would make a great fun read.

Hey yes it was a truly fun read. The illustrations were so cute and by an illustrator called Rosey Cheekes no less.

This for kids is a great way of educating children on the rich variety of people that are out there, their colourful lives and wonderful cultures.

This is such an inspiring book and just so lovable.

Parents please check this out and I encourage you to buy this book, I cannot recommend this enough.

An insight into life between both wars

Mean Times

I was asked to review this by

I loved this book about a working class family during the two world wars. This was both sad and humorous throughout the story.  People had Victorian values and sometimes reading this you wonder why but looking on is a different matter – this was a different time. There was a community which does not really exist today – we run our lives in a different way. it is gritty at times also.

I was brought up in the sixties and seventies in Scotland and listened to what people endured and the happy times of this period – as I said this was a different time. I found it fascinating. There are a lot of readers out there who will also find this fascinating.

Pressure cooking made easy

Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Healthy and Tasty Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker That are Easily Prepared

I was asked to review this book for

Pressure cookers was always something I steered clear of as was basically scared of them and appeared a 70s thing.

Lately if you watch cookery shows all the pros use them and swear by them. Pressure cooking has become sexy.

For me the electric pressure cooker sounded just what I needed and to review a book about it too- I was quite interested.

For me this was a well written book, with also a history of pressure cooking too everything you need to know in this well written book. The author has clearly done her homework and taken the “pressure” off the reader.

The recipes are good and it does make you want to try them – for me the spicy pepper beef chilli was wonderful.

Definitely 5 stars for this one. 

Wonderful but not just for Halloween

Tovi the Penguin goes trick-or-treating by Janina Rossiter

What a delightful book, this was my first experience of Tovi the penguin and I got the best book to start with as Halloween is a season I just love.

I was asked to review this book by

Looking at the list Tovi goes on lots of adventures – the illustrations are cute, the story is just lovely Halloween without the gore. This book will be loved by children, and I am sure are already a firm favourite for bedtime reading.

This book is not just for Halloween.

A great new Detective - Nick Lowry

Blackwater (DI Nick Lowry, #1)

I was really excited to read this new thriller by James Henry – the first Di Nick Lowry set in the 1980s.

I was asked to review this by Real Readers.

The author wrote three prequels of the late RD Wingfield character – Inspector Jack Frost and wrote really well.

In the first of this series there is no comparison to Jack with Lowry. Set brilliantly in the 1980s. Although only 30 years ago or so it is a different time and the police procedures were carried out in a different way. There are elements of sexist behaviour – amazing how far we have progressed when this appeared to be the norm.

Set in Colchester in Essex just after the Falklands war – the author sets the scene well and those around in the 80s will find this familiar.

Waiting in the wings is Nick Lowry with a difficult marriage two colleagues WPC Jane Gabriel and DC Dan Kenton and an eerie foggy night on the mudflaps. He has the death of a soldier from the local barracks, the discovery of a headless corpse on Mersea Island and the murder of two men in a house in Colchester. –this really sets the scene for a good thriller.

I could not put this book down and read thundering on to the end.  Interestingly the author has left one stand loose for what I hope is another novel.

Is there room for another detective – the answer is a resounding yes.

Due for publication 14th July 2016 –just in time for the holiday reads.

Blood Wedding dark thriller

I was really please to see this author has written this standalone novel after the incredible Verhoeven Trilogy.

I was asked to review this by Real Readers.

The novel is a dark psychological thriller and is quite unnerving and I did find uncomfortable with the character – Nanny Sophie who appears to be falling apart and loosing sense of reality and murders are taking place at the same time and she is forced to go the run. This is in the present then thrown into the mix is the character Franz which is set in the past and both stories intertwine.

The surprising twist at the end for me was so surprising.

A well written novel with good characters and an author that can tell a good dark story.

Due for publication in 2017.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I was asked to review by Netgallery

Good sun bed read and out just in time for this to be stocked at airports. The cover really stands out -love the art.

This is a young adult story- set beautifully with lovely characters- a bit of romance – it was really uplifting. The author writes well too. I will be looking out for this author.

The world in my kitchen

I was asked to review this by Netgallery.

It is so important for kids to learn about cooking from an early age and not grow up thinking all kids eat is chicken nuggets and chips.

This book is so well thought out – it organises the cook and goes through the basics and with good guidance – I had to wait for Delia Smith, so kids today have a head start. The photographs are good and the recipes are set out by country and good explanations of rice and spices – is it not really great that kids gain the knowledge behind the dish and the origins.

This is certainly one for the family and to get everyone on the kitchen cooking from scratch rather than the dreaded ping of the microwave.

The author speaks to the children which really impressed me. A bonus it is healthy too.

So come on parents with the long summer holidays coming up let’s get into the kitchen and get kids cooking.

The Path of Decisions

The Path of Decisions by Mike Shelton

I was lucky to review the Path of Destiny – Mike Shelton first novel so was eager to read his next and would this one be as good.

The author asked me to review so this book. I was not disappointed and read in one sitting. This is a continuing saga of a man trying to find out who he is; there is love, evil and magic thrown into the mix.
The characters are real and maybe some of you have met people just like them.

This was a great piece of writing and would be a good young adult book too- I am hooked roll on book 3.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Whispering Shaddows

I have finally managed to get to my blog and say what a great World Book Night this was

This was the book I gave to readers and non readers

So what did I think:-

This novel is situated around the area between Hong Kong and mainland China, with the home of its protagonist, Paul Leibovitz, set on the tiny island of Lamma to the south of Hong Kong.  Paul lives a simple life on his own. he has means and virtually leaves the island when he needs essentials. His story is of loss.

Three years ago  Paul and his ex-wife Meredith lost their eight-year-old son Justin to cancer. the  marriage collapsed.

 On a visit to Hong Kong, he is approached by an American woman- Elizabeth  who asks for his help in finding her  son who has disappeared.

Thus begins a dark mystery in China, there is corruptness, and romance as well as this being a crime novel. The characters are a mix of differing cultures. 

The recent history of China is told well by author.

A really good read I will be looking out for this author.

The Golden Owl

What a lovely read - steampunk story of Cali, a cat whose natural cat power is super powered  by the inventions her best human) friend Lionel has given her. This is not the "master" as she states not to having masters.

Quite a strange but fascinating world the author has created and her writing is good. She either has done her research well into into cats or she has great experience of them.

A recommended read.