Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The world in my kitchen

I was asked to review this by Netgallery.

It is so important for kids to learn about cooking from an early age and not grow up thinking all kids eat is chicken nuggets and chips.

This book is so well thought out – it organises the cook and goes through the basics and with good guidance – I had to wait for Delia Smith, so kids today have a head start. The photographs are good and the recipes are set out by country and good explanations of rice and spices – is it not really great that kids gain the knowledge behind the dish and the origins.

This is certainly one for the family and to get everyone on the kitchen cooking from scratch rather than the dreaded ping of the microwave.

The author speaks to the children which really impressed me. A bonus it is healthy too.

So come on parents with the long summer holidays coming up let’s get into the kitchen and get kids cooking.

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