Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Living the dream with a few obstacles

Living in Italy: the Real Deal - How to survive the good life

I was asked to review this by the author. As a fan of the Olive series by Carol Drinkwater and had recently read and Chickens Eat Pasta, I was interested in life in Italy.

The story is about a couple ( Stef and Nico) from Holland and their dog, going to live in Italy and live the dream.

How these two actually persevered was a wonder and a joy to read, the bureaucracy - you can never imagine until you read this fascinating book. I read this on my winter hoiliday so with the warm sunshine and palm waving- I settled into reading this. Throughout the turmoils comes humour and friendship along the way with extremely irritating read tape and bungling builders. 

The book is split into short stories /chapters which were easy to read and the reader wants to keep going to see if they do survive and live the dream with their Bed and Breakfast villa- Villa I Due Padroni

At the end I truly wanted to thank them for staying the course and of course this is real and so is the villa so you never know may be one day I may live the dream and stay there - a lovely thought as i get back to life at home in freezing temperatures.

Thank you for letting me review - a joy.

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